I completed a specialized school training course on visualization of interiors. I am very interested in the process of creation of a visual image on the basis of a designer's idea and that is why I would like to develop myself further in this direction.

My name is Kate and I am a visualizer of projects.
Who needs a sketch?

If you do not plan to order a project, but want to see your future room / shop / office
Decorators, textile designers, event companies

Manufacturers of furniture and interior items
Interior designers

For those who do not do hand drawn sketches themselves, but wish to offer customers manual visualizations
Manufacturers of furniture and interior items

For inspiration! If you also want to learn how to style and present your thoughts and ideas
There is a number of ways to present design ideas at the moment: collages, photos and 3D visualization. At the same time sketches also try to make their way around the globe nowadays. Manually crafted presentations (hand-drawn visualization) are more emotional and bring uniqueness. They have a touch of luxury.
Two step process
The work begins with plotting and pencil sketching. After than it's discussed with and approved by the customer
Then come filling the sketch with colors. That's when the designer's idea becomes clear and vivid
I will carry out visualization for you within a short period of 1-2 days

Standard price of the sketch 160 eur. (per image)
Please, contact me and we can discuss the details of your project.
Feel free to contact me
We work hard everyday to make our clients happy.